Exhibition - "Albert I: A Different Perspective"

From Monday 10 October to Tuesday 22 November 2022, Galerie des Pêcheurs

Exhibition - "Albert I: A Different Perspective"

Exhibition - "Albert I: A Different Perspective"

Photography exhibition organised by the Department of Cultural Affairs.

Featuring exhibits generously loaned by the Monaco Palace Archives and the Oceanographic Institute, "Cinémato !" paints a picture of Prince Albert I as a man very much open to the innovations of his age.

In particular photography, phonography, and cinematography.

The devices used by the Prince, displayed here, tell the story of the technologies' early development, at the very end of the 19th century. He used them frequently and with no little skill, ensuring that today we have considerable records of his expeditions, a legacy that leaves us in no doubt as to his quest for a vast and clear-eyed understanding of things and living beings. The productions of the Prince and his "picture companions", Jules Richard, Louis Tinayre, and Henry Bourée, together form a significant collection of images and sounds, relating scenes of life and work.

Illustrated by the Prince's own writings and correspondence, the images and sounds are displayed in context, ensuring visitors can understand the story behind them while admiring their aesthetic qualities. Discover a little-known aspect of the work of this Prince and his dedication to exploring, knowledge, and humanity.


Free admission from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5.30 pm (5 pm on Fridays)
> Audiovisual Institute of Monaco, l'Engelin, 83-85 boulevard du Jardin exotique, Monaco
> As part of the Albert I centenary celebrations (1848-1922)


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From Monday 10 October to Tuesday 22 November 2022
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4, avenue Saint-Martin
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