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From Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 February 2023 , Théâtre des Muses

Again, Again, Again...

Again, Again, Again...

Comedy, Stand Up

Carte blanche to our favorite Brussels resident, Lorette Goosse, for a volcanic, comical, sexy and deep stand up, (if I dare say without any pun intended) that resembles her. It will allow us to discover and share, in all empathy, her combat journey in search of Love, the one that is the most difficult to find, the one with a capital A and thus to collect the confidences of her attempts.

From the start, she prefers to warn: "Deceived, betrayed, cuckolded, unloved, dumped or "ghosted", the list is still long but the result is the same, again I will live alone! And already, I wonder with whom, I would like to live? Yes, I am a heart to take! “Then with a smile, she adds:” This stand-up will be full of derision, it will give the fries to all those who have lost their banana… er, their half! Because indeed, what is funnier than the stories of... Heart. Being an actress, blonde, often intelligent and proud to be a woman of today, allows me to drive the nail deep into the side of this giant with feet of clay. I named the essential to my desperate quest for happiness: the man of my life! »

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From thursday 9
at sunday 12 february 2023
from 20h30 to 16h30
Between 25,00 € and 28,00 €
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45, boulevard du Jardin Exotique
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