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"Immersion", the interactive exhibition

"Immersion", the interactive exhibition

From Saturday 18 July, Musée océanographique de Monaco

Dive on the Great Barrier Reef at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, and meet its most emblematic species!

In 2020, true to its mission to educate and mediate, the Oceanographic Institute has decided to share the Principality's commitment to protecting coral reefs, a priceless treasure to be preserved for the Planet and Humanity.

As part of this special programme, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is inviting all visitors to meet the emblematic species that inhabit one of the world's seven natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef, through an interactive exhibition "IMMERSION", opening on 18 July.

Using a monumental real-time projection system, IMMERSION takes visitors on an underwater voyage into the planet's biggest coral ecosystem - with no helmet require! To get a taste of what's in store, watch the trailer of the exhibition on YouTube.

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18 July 2020
30 December 2022
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