Exhibition "The Prince at home"

From Wednesday 31 May to Sunday 20 August 2023 from to , Les Grands Appartements du Palais Princier

Exhibition "The Prince at home"

Exhibition "The Prince at home"

The Archives du Palais and the Audiovisual Institute present, as part of the Grands Appartements, one hundred imagesThese images, taken in the palace and in his other places of residence, are set against rare objects and documents relating to the sovereign.

Prince Rainier III was truly at home in the Palace of Monaco. The first sovereign to be born there since Honoré IV in 1758, he endeavored throughout his reign to restore and defend the identity of his country. His life and reign are presented from three perspectives

That of the sovereign first, in the exercise of his functions, who "paperwork" at the palace, surrounded by his collaborators, celebrated every November 19 according to a very specific ceremonial. It is in this place of sovereignty that distinguished guests are also received, that major acts of political life take place, that the tradition of artistic patronage of the princes of Monaco is perpetuated. Here again, the public image of the prince is patiently built, through the media.

Then that of the man, whose different houses correspond to the different ages of his life: the palace of Monaco where he was born and grew up until his studies and the tumult of war, the "Iberia" villa in Saint-Jean- Cap-Ferrat, where the bachelor prince stayed until his marriage to Grace Kelly, the house of Rocagel which he built for his family, and finally the Château de Marchais, historic residence of the Grimaldi since 1854, refuge of a lifetime.

The personal passions of the prince make it possible to understand his personality and his commitments. When he leaves the sovereign's uniform or the clothes of the father of the family, Rainier puts on his work blouse to retire to his studio, where he models wrought iron sculptures.

Finally, the great hours of the prince at the palace are evoked, from his years of apprenticeship at the end of the Second World War, to the paroxysms of the Franco-Monegasque crisis and the proclamation of a new constitution, in going through the great moments of gathering with the population.


Curator: Thomas Fouilleron & Vincent Vatrican • Scenography: Cécile Degos



Opening hours:
From April 2 to June 30: 10H - 17H15; Closing of the Palace at 18H.
From July 1st to August 31st : 10H - 18H15 ; Closing of the Palace at 19H.
Visits will be closed during the F1 Grand Prix weekend.


Curator: Thomas Fouilleron & Vincent Vatrican - Scenography: Cécile Degos

© Gaëtan Luci – Archives du Palais princier

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From Wednesday 31 May
to Sunday 20 August 2023,
from 10:00 to 17:15
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