Unstable Artifices: Ceramics Stories

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From Friday 18 September 2020 to Sunday 21 February 2021, Nouveau Musée National de Monaco - Villa Sauber

Unstable Artifices: Ceramics Stories

Unstable Artifices: Ceramics Stories

Visit the Villa Sauber to discover the new exhibition from the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco: Unstable Artifices: Ceramics Stories.

The exhibition presents a series of experimental pieces exploring the diversity not just of shapes and decors, but also the process of making ceramics. From local productions by the Poteries artistiques de Monaco (1871-1918) to over 120 pieces by international artists, the exhibition invites visitors on a journey through the history of ceramic art, at the Villa Sauber.

Through an extensive and fascinating selection of pieces, Cristiano Raimondi, the guest curator of this exhibition, has created a scenography that is halfway between a workshop and a curiosity shop, with the aid of two designers, Switzerland's Adrien Rovero for the tables and Cypriot Michael Anastassiades for the lights produced by Flos. 

"Ceramics are not futile things", said Paul Gauguin who, having made his first foray into ceramics around 1887, predicted that he would one day be recognised for having raised the practice to an art form. Freed of categorisations, it continued its emancipation into the following century, yet has always questioned its own origins, wondering about the relationship between artwork and commercial good, and striving to delve ever further into the metaphysical aspects of the medium. These musings generate the subtle echoes between pieces that form the basis for this exhibition. 


Guest curator: Cristiano Raimondi
With Les Poteries artistiques de Monaco (1871-1918) and Aaron Angell, Eugène Baudin, Chiara Camoni, Johan Creten, Albert Diato, Simone Fattal, Ron Nagle, George Ohr, Pablo Picasso, Brian Rochefort, Magdalena Suarez Frimkess.


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From Friday 18 September 2020 to Sunday 21 February 2021
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17, avenue Princesse Grace
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